Original Hand Painted Ornaments - real or wooden eggs


The Artistry / Tradition

For thousands of years, eggs have been given as symbols of life, birth and rebirth. In the Christian faith, the egg is a symbol of Christ's death and resurrection, of man's redemption from sin, and as a symbol of the world reborn in Him. In centuries past, eggs may have been decorated with natural dyes, including patterns derived from leaves and flowers.

Today's egg art is made almost exclusively using natural eggshells, gathered from non-endangered species. Only those eggs which are infertile are used; no birds are killed to pursue this art form. The types of egg art are as varied as the individuals all over the world who pursue this art. 


Each ornament is a hand-drawn, hand-painted original, slight variations can be expected. All eggs come carefully packaged in individual 2” X 3.5” white corrugated boxes, suitable for gift giving. Prices range from 15.00 to 30.00. 

If you have a special request, please contact us and we will be happy to design a unique creation just for you! Eggshell-Art has been commissioned to paint one of a kind originals including: Family Pets, Homes, Sports Logos, Company Logos, Buildings, even the Tennessee State Capitol. We can also do theme designs such as the Twelve Days of Christmas, Santa Golfing, or anything you can think of. Just ask!

The Artists

Carolyn Bikel’ and Kathy Kraemer have been friends for over 20 years, having grown up together in upstate New York. Both have a family history of artisans and excel in creative expression. Each chicken egg is carefully chosen, cleaned, blown, dried and adorned with beads and twine. After the design is selected, Kathy sketches the drawing and Carolyn hand-paints the composition using the finest acrylic paints. Great detail is used, which is amazing considering the size and delicate nature of the “canvas”.

“Your Christmas Egg Ornaments are the most beautiful and unique things I have ever seen!”

Cynthia Fry, Client

"Watching the smiles spread and listening to the oo’s and ah’s of my clients in the music industry assured me that giving your beautiful hand-painted Eggshell Art creations was a GREAT idea! Beautifully crafted and packaged, unique and affordable; expect a reorder and keep me up on your catalog

Judy Rodman, Happy Customer

“I have enjoyed the work of Eggshell-Art for 20+ years.  Whether I order eggs from the catalog or specially designed ones as gifts for Christmas, Easter, baby showers, weddings, new homes, or as travel mementos, you have never disappointed me with your creativity and intricate detail in each egg done.”

 Sandy Moore, Longstanding Customer

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